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Power of the Internet and Emerging Technologies in Business

Technology is what drives the world and coupled with the power of the Internet, it is a potent force that has touched every aspect of human lives, generally for the better. Whether it is a commercial or a residential setting, Internet and technology working closely together has made living easy and convenient with most of daily necessities satiated at the click of a button from any remote location. This is especially true for businesses which today have to make optimum use of advanced technologies if they have to stay relevant and competitive.

In business and industry, keeping up with this trend is all the more crucial if you are running your own company. Those that fail to keep up run the risk of failure and being left behind in the present competitive scenario. By making use of technologies you can cut out distractions and focus more on your core operational aspects and competencies. Leading the field in emerging technologies is the Internet of Things (IoT) that takes objects and processes that were not previously connected to the Internet and links them together so that their specifics can be controlled via the Internet. This has brought about a radical transformation on how processes can be monitored to optimise all business activities.

Here are some of the ways that you can use emerging technologies to effectively support your business activities –

  • Streamline your Business internally – This is done through IoT again. Most manual procedures can be successfully replaced to affect huge savings in time and costs. Electricity bills can be reduced by lights being turned off automatically when there is nobody in the premises or putting systems to sleep when not in use for prolonged periods. This can translate into huge cuts in power consumption especially for those companies offering digital services like web development in Melbourne or any other city. This is primarily because a large number of systems are required for running such businesses. Further, by linking your old machinery to the IoT you can receive maintenance alerts and thereby ensure that your business runs without any downtime. You can also monitor heating and cooling levels to maximise comfort levels at work place.
  • Tracking physical activity – Wristbands that monitor a large number of workers’ activities is considered to be a key component of advanced technologies harnessed to the Internet. Wearable technology has helped to streamline processes and thereby optimise operational efficiencies. You can use it to know how well man and machine are interacting and use it to identify those that are ideally suited to work with specific equipment and machinery. You can even find out which people work well as a group and thereby form teams that will increase productivity. With wearables you can even evaluate the performance of different staff in the same given set of circumstances. Further, you can even monitor physical activity levels of all staff and encourage the more sedentary ones to work out more and keep fit which will in turn reduce absenteeism from ailments.

However a word of caution here – your staff might not like to be monitored round the clock at workplace. Keep in tune with emerging technology trends without giving an impression that your company is spying on your employees.

  • Optimise operations on Cloud – It all started when businesses felt the need to store documents offsite and access them from any remote location. Today, you can use it for a wide range of business needs. The most important is probably the opportunity it offers to hire the best talent regardless of location and use their expertise to gain over the competition. For example, an SEO company in Australia can hire professionals from India who can work seamlessly with the parent company and help that business get an edge in the local market. Apart from this, Cloud technologies will also enable you to share business information safely and securely amongst key personnel around the globe to facilitate decision making on a real time basis.

These are some examples only of the power of the Internet which can be used to harness emerging technologies in business.

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