Tech Christmas Toys

Top Tech Christmas Toys to Delight Your Kids

In this technology-driven scenario, for many the days of building a spaceship out of Lego or playing a game of monopoly are long gone. Today’s kids want interactive tech toys that are powered by an app and are connected to the internet. They want animals that grow and learn new things, or robots that answer back. Fortunately, toy manufacturers are happy to make such toys. There are plenty of different tech toys available in the market to suit all ages.

Here we have rounded up a list of the best tech toys for gifting on Christmas.

  • Fingerlings

Fingerlings are one of the hottest new toys this year and come in a range of different colours. The fingerlings are small cute monkey creatures that latch on to your finger. These cute little monkeys respond to sound, motion and touch. They have got 40 different movements and 50 sounds including giggles, burps and other monkey noises. If you blow them a kiss, they will imitate you and can hang upside down. They are available in brown, blue, pink, white, purple and turquoise colour.

  • Googly Eyes

It is a hilarious family game that challenges your vision and leaves you googling for more. Put on the vision-altering goggles, start drawing and have your team try guessing what exactly it is you are drawing. The goggles come with three sets of lenses that range from mild changes to mind-blowing fun. Googly eyes is fun twist on classic drawing game that let players of different ages compete on equal terms.

  • Laser X

It is a revamp of the old laser tag games that people played in the late eighties and early nineties. Laser X comes with laser guns and blast receivers that tells you when you have been hit. The gun works both sunlight and darkness and up to a range of 60 meters. The main aim of the game doesn’t get shot but do shoot your opponent.

The other tech toys include Osmo, Hatchimals Surprise, Anki Cozmo, Sphero Mini, Vtech KidiCom Max and many others. Just do your research and find the best suitable toy.

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